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Nov 9, 1998 - 09:36 - From: - Name: Bill Ervin
Unit & Year: Delta 1/3 guns, 1969
Comments: Happy Birthday, Marines. Hope to see you at our reunion in Spokane this summer.

Nov 9, 1998 - 22:12 - From: - Name: Irvin "Smitty" Smith
Unit & Year: 1st Bat., 3rd Marine; 66' to 68'

Nov 10, 1998 - 22:24 - From: - Name: Donna Villegas
Unit & Year:
Comments: Happy 223rd Birthday to the USMC! God Bless all of You!

Nov 10, 1998 - 22:37 - From: - Name: Craig Carey
Unit & Year: H & S 1976-1979
Comments: Great memories with my tour and I miss the friends I met.

Nov 11, 1998 - 15:06 - From: - Name: Alex Kreucher
Unit & Year: 3rd plt "C" co.,- STA plt "H&S" co., 1983-87
Comments: Just wanted to wish all my brothers a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to post my new Email address.

Nov 12, 1998 - 18:35 - From: - Name: Gary Chandler
Unit & Year: H&S 81's nam69
Comments: You don't know how thrilled I was to receive this Web page address from Bill Ervin in the membership letter I got today!!! Go 3th!

Nov 12, 1998 - 21:15 - From: - Name: Paul J. Carroll
Unit & Year: C-1-3- 1952-1955, Japan
Comments: Happy Birthday to all of us. Thank you all.

Nov 14, 1998 - 15:06 - From: - Name: Guy T. Andenoro Jr.
Unit & Year:

Nov 14, 1998 - 15:08 - From: - Name: Guy T. Andenoro Jr.
Unit & Year: B-1-3-3 1967

Nov 14, 1998 - 22:33 - From: - Name: Gary Ronholdt
Unit & Year: 1st Bn. 3rd Rgt. H&S co. Comm. Plt.
Comments: would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Nov 21, 1998 - 23:21 - From: - Name: Edward B. Cummings
Unit & Year: H&SCo 1/3 Oct 68 to Aug 69

Nov 24, 1998 - 15:27 - From: - Name: Patrick M. Blake
Unit & Year: 67-68 2nd Plt. C/1/3
Comments: Bill, Thanks for maintaining the site. I checked the wall and found that my brother Marine, Michael Eugene Morris, 2nd Platoon, C/1/3 KIA 1/19/68 is not on our wall. He is on Panel 34E, Row 079. They have a mistake on his cause of death. He suffered multiple GSW - AK47. Perhaps we can correct the mistake and honor Mike. I do every day. Semper Fi, Pat

Nov 26, 1998 - 00:43 - From: - Name: Jack Arena
Unit & Year: ontos plt SLF Alpha 1st bn 3rd marines 1967
Comments: served with recon then 3rd anti tanks (ONTOS)on the SLFto okinawa,kaoshung taiwan ,subic ,on the uss point defiance.Did ops beau charger buffalo beacon,and a bunch more that i can`t remember.Went back this past july it was great.great site .am also life member of the 3rd mar div association C ya

Nov 27, 1998 - 10:16 - From: - Name: Richard Varela
Unit & Year: E-2-5 1962-1966
Comments: Searching for Robert Garcia. from San Bernardino, Ca

Nov 27, 1998 - 19:16 - From: - Name: gary gentzler
Unit & Year: Helo's (20 years) HMM-163 aboard U.S.S. Okinawa with 1/3
Comments: had a couple of marines from 1/3 stumble into my web site and thought i'd invite y'all to take a look. couple of pictures from the U.S.S Okinawa, and Quang Tri circa 1967-68. if you're interested c'mon aboard, and please sign guest book, so i know you've been there. semper fi.....gunnyg

Nov 28, 1998 - 21:54 - From: - Name: Matt Febbi
Unit & Year: 2ed Bn 9th Mar G Co 67,68,69
Comments: Great site. My son was just assigned to Bravo Co 1/3 The only thing better then being a Marine. Is being a Marine in a Marine Corps family. Semper Fi

Nov 29, 1998 - 19:26 - From: - CShann7177 Name: Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) J.H. Shannon
Unit & Year: Alpha 84-87

Dec 2, 1998 - 23:59 - From: - Name: Brian Blecha Sergeant USMC
Unit & Year: Wpns Co. 1/3 Dragons Plt. 91-94
Comments: Just want to say hello and "semper fi" to all of the present and former 1/3 Marines out there. Great to know that there is a website for one of the best Battalions in the Corps!

Dec 6, 1998 - 12:36 - From: - Name: John Campbell
Unit & Year: 335th RRC, RVN 69-70
Comments: I am looking for anyone who knew PVT Spephen Kirschner. He was in Hq/1/3 and killed in chopper crash on 1/8/68. I am writing a book about the 42 from my home county in Jersey and he is one of them. I am in touch with his family and would like to hear from anyone who remembers Steve. Thank you and welcome home...Great Site!!!

Dec 6, 1998 - 17:46 - From: - Name: Ron Burton
Unit & Year: D/1/3 1966-67 h&s 1/3

Dec 8, 1998 - 15:16 - From: - Name: Kenneth Paul Ellis
Unit & Year: none yet
Comments: Hi my name is kenny,And my uncle severd in the 1st Bn 3rd marine Div.And i would like to know how to get some info on him. And i was looking for some people who knew him. He was killed near Da nang,north Vietnam. His name was PFC Charles Paul Ellis. FI any one knew him it would be nice to talk to some one who knew can Email me at thank you

Dec 12, 1998 - 11:54 - From: - Name: Tom Poveromo
Unit & Year: C Battery 1-12 3d Marines Nov 66 to Apr 67

Dec 13, 1998 - 20:43 - From: - Name: William Herrera
Unit & Year: Third Marines, 1993-1994
Comments: I was wondering if anybody can tell me how to get a hold of Sgt. John E. Jones or Sgt. Curtil L. Durham. thank you.

Dec 19, 1998 - 14:07 - From: - Name: Guy Andenoro, Jr.
Unit & Year: B/1/3 1967
Comments: Looking for anyone with Bravo 1/3 1967. Glad to hear from you. Semper Fi!!!

Dec 19, 1998 - 17:02 - From: - Name: DANNY FELTON
Unit & Year: wrns. plt. "b" co. 1st. bn. 3rd mar. 1966-67
Comments: looking for a response or any info. from william hayes from boston,ma. semper fi.

Dec 22, 1998 - 23:30 - From: - Name: Harold Weinrich
Unit & Year: 3rd tank bn 1954 and 1955 South Camp Japan
Comments: Wish to thank SGT. Major KRUEGER fo r in froming me of e-mail address. and maybe I will find someone who reminber LT MAXWELL FROM NEW YORK; "SEMPER FI'

Dec 24, 1998 - 22:47 - From: - Name: W. T. Bell
Unit & Year: A Co 60 Mortars 8/66-9/67

Dec 24, 1998 - 23:35 - From: - Name: W. T. Bell
Unit & Year: A /1/3 60 Mortars 8/66-9/67
Comments: Stumbled in web site and glad I did. Looking for others who served with a/1/3 during this period.

Dec 26, 1998 - 21:35 - From: - Name: John Guevara
Unit & Year: 3rd Regt CP Camp Carrol 1969

Dec 27, 1998 - 23:25 - From: - Name: Kailey Wong
Unit & Year: USAF Air Police Sq. RVN 1965-1967
Comments: 12-27-98 Dear Mr. Ervin: It's a long story, but I have a mahogany plaque from the USS Oriskany. It says: First Battalion Third Marines. "Last Embarked Marines 20 April 85- 10 June 85" The following names are inscribed on the plaque: Sgt. Maj. F. J. Fonte Btl. 1/3 1st Sgt. R.S. Kendall B Co. 1/3 Msgt. D.D. Johnson H&S 1/3 Gysgt. T.L. Tupuola B Co. 1/3 Gysgt. K.R. Stephen B Co. 1/3 Gysgt. R.P. Brandt AAV's Gysgt. W.B. Mangold Tanks I searched your roster of names and could not find any of these Marines. Please let me know what it means: The Last Embarked Marines. I have met Stan Hawkins,USN, through the web. He has a webpage dedicated to the USS Oriskany. I did two tours in Nam. I am sad to say I did not meet any Marines or Sailors. I am willing to make rubbings, photograph this plaque. You have my e-mail address, please get back to me. Respectfully, Kai Wong