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May 6, 1998 - 14:42 - From: - Name: Emmett W Queen
Unit & Year: B & D/1/3 1965-66
Comments: My web page is now interactive and I as all to view Guestbbok, and Messageboard, and sign in one or both and those members of 1/3/3 please Use the Muster In and I'll get them posted as soon as I can. Tell your friends who are from 1/3/3 or just want to leave a message in either place If this is again a repeat, forgive me, I'm just happy my Page is up and mostly running. Thanks again Semper Fi! from a fellow brother.

May 11, 1998 - 23:18 - From: - Name: Gus Esquivel
Unit & Year: A1/3 second and third plt 68-69
Comments: Looking for anyone that was in same unit. Would like to hear from anyone who served with me in Vietnam. Our CO was Captain Jim McAdams, Third PLT was 2nd LT. James Calvin Cockerl, who was kia on 5/19/69?? Also would like to hear from anyone that was in 2nd PLT in November 14, 1968 when we were AMBUSH on hill 461 on Mutters RIDGE. Would like to hear from Dog Handler that got wounded on that same day.

May 13, 1998 - 20:21 - From: - Name: Pietro (Pete) Mello
Unit & Year: D-1-3 1965-1966
Comments: Bill, at the last reunion I gave you $10 for a booklet you had on 1-3. Did you forget me?

May 15, 1998 - 00:44 - From: - Name: pietro (pete) mello
Unit & Year: b and d co. 1/3
Comments: bill received your reply.i will be unable to attend orlando due to another commitment that i have.i hope it is a great success say hi to everyone for me. also would like to say hi to all my comrades. semper fi pete

May 20, 1998 - 23:18 - From: - Name: pete mello
Unit & Year:
Comments: bill received copy of booklet you sent thanks again.

May 24, 1998 - 02:48 - From: - Name: James T Ashton
Unit & Year: Oct65toJan70
Comments: Miss Some Friends Like Stoney From 3Rd Mar Div Eng.Btn.Out OF Phu-by.

May 24, 1998 - 22:42 - From: - Name: Robert Burns
Unit & Year: A&C 1/3 65-66
Comments: Assigned to the last transplacement Battalion to go into Vietnam, L3/5 and we took over the name A 1/3. Participated in operation Mallard in Jan 1966 where some were killed by friendly fire. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who was there at that time. I don't recall what platoon I was with although I believe it was 1st. I have both good and bad memories of the time served with 1/3 and would be willing to share them. I retired from the Marine Corps as a Sergeant Major in December of 1997. What you do with this site is great. I discovered it while visiting the traveling wall. There was a PFC or LCPL Brown in the same platoon who was killed on operation Mallard, I know because I helped put his body in a helecopter in Jan 1966. I don't believe his name appears on the roster. Semper Fi! Grunts forever!

Jun 14, 1998 - 19:26 - From: - Name: Dave Blackledge
Unit & Year: HML-367 68-70
Comments: Please check my Namtales page at I will give you a link if thats ok.. Welcome Home Dave Blackledge

Jun 19, 1998 - 16:19 - From: - Name:
Unit & Year:
Comments: Hey Marine, I'm here to ask you; "Where will you spend eternity when you die?" I know the popular saying in the Corps is; "Marines never die, they just go to hell and re-group." Hell is no place for a Marine. Hell is a place of torment and agony (Luke 16:19-31). There is a better way to spend eternity Marine. Jesus Christ the Commandant of the universe is looking for a "few good men" for service in His Kingdom. You ask how do I get into His service, I thought you would never ask. All it takes is faith in what Jesus already did for you. That he died for you, went to hell for you (this is the re-grouping), paying your whole sin and hell debt for you, and rose again from the dead, believing, or putting your faith in this will save you from the hell you deserve. You can never lose this FREE GIFT of salvation, it is eternal. This means it is FOREVER. I know that there isn't a Marine out there that would admit he or she was a coward, but in Revelation 21:8 the first word to describe the people thrown into the lake of fire is; "The COWARDLY, unbelieving, abominable......." (NKJV). Are you a coward? Then get on it and believe the gospel of Christ. I write this because I care about the TRUTH of God's Word the Bible and my fellow Marine. The Bible is my marching orders and manual for life. On the cover of my Bible I have put "ORIGINAL ORDERS." This is not a game Marine. Marine souls are at stake. If you would like to contact me for more info write to me at: or Marines of the Cross 425 Center Ave. Adell WI 53001. My time in service was Jan. '78 - Jan. '82 with 3rd Combat Engineers, LSP, K-Bay. And July '83 - June '86 with 1/5 CamPen. Take care Marine. Christ is Semper Fidelis Jeff Moser Former Sgt. USMC Romans 1:16

Jun 19, 1998 - 19:58 - From: - Name: Cpl. William Frisbee
Unit & Year: Charlie 1/3 88-92
Comments: I love the Corps! I was surfin the web and the last thing I expected was to find a web page for my old Battalion. I love it! Semper Fi!

Jul 2, 1998 - 18:06 - From: - Name: William B. Worcester 2077132 USMC Retired
Unit & Year: "C" 1 Bn 3rd Marines Nov 1965 Dec 1966
Comments: If anyone remembers me please drop me a line. I was called sweetpea at that time....

Jul 3, 1998 - 23:55 - From: - Name: Donr
Unit & Year: 3rd div. 1968-
Comments: Really I am searching for a friend that served in 1968 in vietnam he was in the third division in Force legistics, what ever that means , if anybody knows of him please get in contact with me .( Donr.) My friends name is Paul Sullivan was in 3rd div. force legistics . That all I know for sure. Thanks much.

Jul 12, 1998 - 09:11 - From: - Name: Judy Phillips
Unit & Year:
Comments: I know this man and he's a great fellow?

Jul 16, 1998 - 19:32 - From: - Name: Herbert Battistella
Unit & Year: 82-86
Comments: Looking for a Mustang by the name of Eugene Bose, served with in 1/3.

Jul 26, 1998 - 23:10 - From: - Name: Jessica
Unit & Year: N/A
Comments: My father is Edward Gerrish he served as a marine in Vietnam. He was released from active duty in 1968. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him during the war. I know where my father is but not who he is... Jessica

Aug 4, 1998 - 21:46 - From: - Name: dale g. quimby
Unit & Year: h&s 3rd mar div 1958-1965
Comments: looking for any stationed in the platoon on okinawa especially guy name of robert that ran the communications shack. also lookinf for robert huck or jerry johnson.

Aug 8, 1998 - 12:58 - From: - Name: David Johnson
Unit & Year:
Comments: My uncle served in the 3rd Div. Name is John D. Baumgartner. He was first stationed at Chu Li. Anyone know him?

Aug 9, 1998 - 00:37 - From: - Name: Mike Dummann
Unit & Year: bravo co 1/3 Dec 67 to Dec 68

Sep 1, 1998 - 09:40 - From: - Name: Randall Carlson
Unit & Year: B 1/3 1968
Comments: I was with Bravo Co. on 4-30-68. Was wounded on the first day of the assault. Glad to be back. Semper Fi to all my brothers.

Sep 6, 1998 - 15:57 - From: - Name: Rick Perkins
Unit & Year: 1stPLT,"A"Co,1-3 1965-66
Comments: I was a corpsman and joined the BLT in Okinawa. In 1966 the Corps transferred "A" Co to replace "B" Co. 1-7 in Chu Lai. They wouldn't let the corpsmen transfer. The guys from "B" 1-7 became "A" 1-3. Great bunch of guys in both companies. My Last three months in country were spend with 1st Plt, "C" Co. 3rd Engineer Bn on Hill 44 south of DaNang.

Sep 9, 1998 - 13:43 - From: - Name: bongiovanni, joseph
Unit & Year: ist Platoon ,Bravo co 1/3
Comments: would love to hear from any marines who served in nam welcome home!!!!

Sep 9, 1998 - 13:44 - From: - Name: bongiovanni, joseph
Unit & Year: ist Platoon ,Bravo co 1/3
Comments: would love to hear from any marines who served in nam welcome home!!!!

Sep 17, 1998 - 20:17 - From: - Name: Jimmy L. Day
Unit & Year: D1/3 67-68
Comments: Hey, I check in here every once in a while to see who's visited. Also check the Delta page, but it is not working. Anyway, good job and I always enjoy seeing who dropped in. Keep up the good work!

Sep 18, 1998 - 15:18 - From: - Name: Alex Kreucher
Unit & Year: 3rd plt C CO/STA plt H&S CO-1983-1987
Comments: I would like to hear from any one who served with me in the 3rd herd or in STA plt. My new mail address in "BBMC"

Sep 22, 1998 - 13:23 - From: - Name: e b groves
Unit & Year:

Sep 22, 1998 - 13:24 - From: - Name: e b groves
Unit & Year: 1964-1965

Sep 23, 1998 - 09:31 - From: - Name: Stephen Evans
Unit & Year: 1st Battalion 3rd Marines Bravo Company
Comments: Looking for anyone that served with my father, Lance Corporal F. Arnold Evans in Vietnam from '68 to '70(?). Please respond. Thanks!

Sep 24, 1998 - 00:57 - From: - Name: Arena Jack
Unit & Year: A co 3rd Anti Tanks(ontos)Plt SLF-ALPHA 1967
Comments: served in 3recon till feb67,then to ontos,then attached to BLT 1/3,ops around the rockpile,camp carroll ect.back to okinawa,taiwan,subic,did ops beaucharger,buffalo,beacon ,union and a few more i cant remember,was on the uss point defiance then the duluth.rotated back in sept 67.just returned to nam in july 98,it was a great trip.great page.

Sep 29, 1998 - 23:30 - From: - Name: Dana D. Parrott
Unit & Year: C. Co.1/3 1969 Kaneohe Bay before NAM
Comments: Served with C 1/3 1969 before entire BN. was sent back over, E-6 and below, June 1970. Was with Alpha Co. 1/1 in RVN 70-71. Was always with 2nd Plt. Weapons, 60MM Mortars. Last duty station was Quantico, VA., Enlisted Instructors Co. TBS SEMPER FI, Marines

Oct 9, 1998 - 13:38 - From: - Name: Patrick J. Roman
Unit & Year: H&S Co. 8/65-9/66
Comments: I want to thank you Ray Kelly, Im glad you told me of this site. I've been searching for friends of mine, maybe some will be here.

Oct 9, 1998 - 14:40 - From: - Name: Charles C. Bennett
Unit & Year: A-1-12 3/65 to 1/66 105mm Howitzers
Comments: I enjoy the site. My applaction for membership is in the mail and I also send one to my brother-in-law who was in Nam with me. Semper Fi.

Oct 11, 1998 - 18:56 - From: - Name: Cpl Byrd
Unit & Year: 1/12 from April 97 to present
Comments: I would like to chat with some of the older and retired marines. I want to know what the real marine corps was like. I just want to say OORAH and SEMPER FI to all the hard devildogs out there.

Oct 14, 1998 - 03:07 - From: - Name: Dave Hunt
Unit & Year: A1/3 & B1/3,1969
Comments: Was with S-2 Feb-April 69. Was at LZ Stud the night it blew up. Got sent to the bush with 81mm platoon and spent april-june with Alpha Company as a radioman (where Don Fazenbacher taughtme to call fire missions). Served Jun-Sep with Bravo as the 81mm FO. Would like to hear from anyone who was there at that time, espically the night on Mutter's Ridge when Capt Sam was killed. Ken "Cool" of Lake Charles, would really like to hear from you, old buddy. Hatch 101, I've got a update for you on the 1/3 wall and some poetry for fragments. I'll e-mail you seperately when I can. Semper Fi. --Bravo Fox--

Oct 14, 1998 - 12:25 - From: - Name: Bryan Lash
Unit & Year: Kilo 3/1 Vietnam 1967-68
Comments: Thought you might be interested in knowing about the newly released video "Vietnam: A Marine Perspective." Features interviews with 14 Marine combat officers speaking frankly about the media, politicians, tactics, and the "Magnificent Marines" they were honored to lead. For information contact Sentinel Productions by email at or call 1-888-236-7830. Finally an accurate narrative. Thank you Vietnam Vets!

Oct 22, 1998 - 10:21 - From: - Name: Clifford W. Boner,Jr.
Unit & Year: Echo 2/4 January 1966-July 1966 Alpha 1/3 Feb 1968-Dec 1968
Comments: Would be interested in hearing from anybody from units. Served two tours. Wounded first tour on operation Hastings, returned in 1968 to serve with 1/3 the first few months then was transferred to III MAF in DA Nang the rest of year.

Oct 22, 1998 - 10:21 - From: - Name: Clifford W. Boner,Jr.
Unit & Year: Echo 2/4 January 1966-July 1966 Alpha 1/3 Feb 1968-Dec 1968
Comments: Would be interested in hearing from anybody from units. Served two tours. Wounded first tour on operation Hastings, returned in 1968 to serve with 1/3 the first few months then was transferred to III MAF in DA Nang the rest of year.

Oct 23, 1998 - 18:45 - From: - Name: L\CPL. DANNY FELTON
Unit & Year: 'B' CO. WEAPNS PLT. 66-68
Comments: Looking for anyone who was in Viet nam with me.

Oct 25, 1998 - 00:20 - From: - TMSMMELAZ@JUNO.COM Name: TERRY MELTON
Unit & Year: 1/3 64-65

Oct 25, 1998 - 20:02 - From: - Name: Dennis Curry, former Captain
Unit & Year: Alpha and H&S Co.
Comments: We won our part of the war, Marines. The country gave it away in the end. You did your jobs and I have been proud of you for 30 years. There has not been a single day during which I did not pause some time to think of you. I loved you then and I still do. We will never be together again on this earth but we were together then and I would go there with you again. Life has been tough for some of you since we came home. But, you can look back and be proud that you did your duty as Marines. Your peers who ducked their duties are now quite envious that you were better men than they. You will never have to wonder how you would react under fire. You know. They will never know. God Bless. Semper Fidelis.

Nov 2, 1998 - 07:52 - From: - Name: Mike Edwards
Unit & Year: K 4/12 RVN , 11yrs. USMC
Comments: My brother Charles "Clem" served with 1/3 in '67-'68. He does not have inet access.If you knew him let me know and I'll get with him and then get back with you. Semper Fi !!!

Nov 2, 1998 - 19:38 - From: - Name: William R. Ireland [DIDDLE]
Unit & Year: H&S Co.& Alpha Co. Bn. Radio Operator 68/69
Comments: Looking for anyone who might remember me, to talk about days gone passed. I can see the faces, but I can't remember the names.

Nov 6, 1998 - 23:09 - From: - Name: Cpl Schmidt S B
Unit & Year: 1/3 3 1/2 years
Comments: Looks good keep up the good work on this web page.